5 Balancing tips of working from home and being a mom

As an office-based working mom that shifts to working from home mom, it takes a bunch of responsibility as an employee and as a mom. But as a mom, she will do everything for her family because she is a supermom! As we celebrated mother’s day last Sunday, here are 5 tips to keep you balanced as working from home mom:

Plan ahead

It’s really important that you prepare your plans ahead of time, like what meals to be cooked, naptime, playtime, etc. It’s really helpful to keep you focused and also it's a way to increase your productivity.

Set timers

You should set timers when you will need to feed your kids, getting them to drink their milk, playtime, study time, and naptime. Give them little attention to eliminating interruptions while you are working. If you can’t manage your time properly, there are a lot of applications on the internet that can help you.

Be focused

Yes, distractions are everywhere such as noises, loud cries, and laughing to your kids. Being focused can help lessen your stress, you can do better quality of work, problem-solving, and decision making. Remember, one task at a time.

Work while they are taking a nap

This is the best time to work while your kids are taking their naps. Without any doubt, take this as an advantage. Make everything done as soon as possible before your little cutie kids wake up.

Stay positive

Despite the pandemic we are facing right now, we should stay positive. Being a positive person will have an impact on your work and family. Let’s keep the good vibes in yourself. When you get stressed, just take a deep breath, inhale and exhale, divert yourself or simply play along with your kids and family.

To moms out there, thank you for your love, care, and sacrifice for your family.

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