How to be a team player?

You encounter a lot of people with different personalities and points of view. Being a team player is one of the characteristics that clients, company or employer wants. What are the qualities of being a team player?

Respect each other

Respect each other’s perspectives and ideas. Give them space for their creative thinking. Allow them to speak on what's going on in their mind. In that way, it will come up with a bunch of ideas.

Active listening

When your one of your teammates or anyone who talks, listen carefully. Give your full attention and understand what he/she is saying. When you don’t agree with his/her ideas or proposals, let him/her finish first and ask some questions.


Communication is the key. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or clarifications with your teammates/clients when you have doubts or confusion about your assigned tasks. When you have good communication with your team, it will boost the team’s productivity. Communication is essential to engage with your teammates to know more about their skills, passions, and attitudes.

Offer help

If you notice someone that is struggling with their works, don’t hesitate on offering what you can do to help. Remember that you are working as one.

Keep a positive attitude

Keeping a positive attitude have a significant impact during stressful times. It will lessen the pressure and stress of work. When you notice one of your teammates is already exhausted. Don’t hesitate to ask him/her if she/he is alright and don’t forget to remind him/her that is okay to chill a bit and take a coffee break. In this way, she/he will think clearly and can back easily on his/her track.

Share your knowledge

Sharing is caring. Sharing your knowledge to your teammates will make them inspired to do more and keep learning. It is a win-win situation you share them to enhance and explore their new skills.

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