How to get rid of distractions while working from home

Distractions are everywhere like household chores, crying of your babies, TV, sofa, neighbor, and etc. These are some of the reasons why you can’t focus on what you're doing. It may lead to stress or exhaustion. Here are tips and ideas that can help you get rid of interruptions while working from home.

Have a dedicated workspace

Choose a separate room as a dedicated workspace. If you don’t have a separate room available, you can invest in noise-canceling headphones or have browser extensions like Krisp, and Noisli. Having a dedicated workspace can help you have more focus because you can’t just easily turn on your TV or do quick household chores like washing dishes and laundry.

Another option is to go to a coworking space or coffee shop nearby but due to the pandemic we can’t go outside, just stick with the mentioned above.

Mute unrelated to work notifications

A quick scroll on social media can turn into how many hours and you get stuck into it and it may lead to less productivity. There are google chrome extensions that can help you like StayFocusd. StayFocusd is a great platform to give you restrictions on spending social media platforms. Not just social media that you would mute the notifications you can also include online entertainment, shopping, and games.

Create a schedule

To eliminate interruptions while working, create a schedule. This way you can organize your daily activities either if it's an activity for home or work. You can list down your different activities and prioritize them including your break time, meetings, response emails, quick household chores, and childcare. So, when you get distracted you can easily get back on track because you already take note of it.

Onboard your family members or anyone who at your home

Let them know that you are working and as much as possible minimize their voices especially when you have a meeting. Also, it’s helpful when there are unexpected visitors in your house.

It’s either in the office or to your home, distractions are there, always. You only need to help yourself not getting distracted to boost your productivity, efficiency, and performance.

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