Self-care ideas for working moms

Being a fulltime mom and working mom is such a challenge. Busy moms tend to forget their priorities, get stress, upset, etc. Some of them can’t handle the pressure of working moms and don’t have enough time to self-care because of their poor management. Here are self-care ideas for working mom

1. Pamper yourself

Of all the sacrifices and efforts you make, you deserve to pamper yourself. Here is a list of activities to pampering yourself.

  • Get a manicure and pedicure.

  • Take a long bath

  • Ge spa or message

  • Make your favorite dish

  • Book a hotel

  • Buy some skin-care

  • Get some rest

2. Get a vacation

Ask permission of your bosses that you will take a 1-week vacation. Create a plan for your trip together with your family. Do some research where you want to go and create your DIY routine on the whole trip. Make this an unforgettable journey and bonding with your family.

3. Eat plenty of healthy foods.

Eating plenty of healthy foods is one way to take care of yourself. Fill your body with nutrients. As much possible, avoid process foods and drinks instead create your fruit shake and meal.

4. Move your body

Allocate 15-30 minutes every day to do exercises. There’s a lot of activities that don’t need any gym equipment. You can do jogging, yoga, and Zumba also. But take note consistency is the key. Keep your body moving every day!

5. Stay connected

Stay connected with your family and friends despite your busy schedules. This way, to reduce the stress and anxiety of yours. You can set a plan for your kids to have a movie time or ask your friends for coffee.

6. Have plenty of sleep

To do your daily routine as a working mom, you must have plenty of sleep every day. It is a way to eliminate to get stress, upset quickly, and also lacks sleep won’t help you in terms of decision making.

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