Strategies to gain more connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to easily find potential employers, clients, business partners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and etc. So what are the strategies to gain more connections?

Create a post every weekday

Posting on LinkedIn gains more connections. Why? Because when your network interacts with your post, it has a possibility that she/he visits your profile and wants to connect with you. You can share a post from Instagram to LinkedIn.

Engage your connections

Spend 30 minutes of your time every weekday to engage with your connections like shares, comments, and likes. It is a vice versa process. You connect with them, and they make connections with you.

Publish an article on Friday

Why Friday? Friday is the last day of the week. Most of us employees are online because they are excited about the weekend. When more people are online, it has the possibility that your connections can interact with your published article.

Add people who viewed your profile

Thanks to LinkedIn who have great features like “who viewed your profile”. Those people who viewed your profile are most likely interested in you, your business, or your published articles.

Promote your LinkedIn profile to your social media platforms

Some of your followers in your social media don't know your LinkedIn profile. So, use this to promote your LinkedIn profile to gain more connections. When they visit your profile in your social media platforms, there's a chance that they will go through your profile and create connections.

Share others’ content and give them a mention

If you see interesting articles from your network, you can share and don’t forget to mention them to give credits for their articles. So when you tagged the owner of the content, it means your profile will be shown in his/her news feed.

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