Survival Tips For Night Shift Freelancers

Working on the night shift can be challenging. It can be challenging because you need to adjust everything, your body clock, environment, schedules, getaways, etc. There’s a lot of advantages and disadvantages when you are night shift freelancers. But don’t worry, here are some survival tips!

Create a good environment

You should be comfortable in your environment to avoid distractions while you are working or sleeping. To have a better sleep during the daytime without any distractions, one thing you need to do is to find a space/apartment that is not so crowded or quiet. Some freelancers prefer to have earbuds during sleeping.

Use caffeine wisely

We all know that night shift freelancers are drinking too much caffeine to be active while working. If you have huge caffeine, there is a possibility that you will have trouble sleeping in the day time, trouble breathing, vomiting, and a fast heartbeat.

Take a power nap

Staying up all night is a bad idea for freelancers. Every 4 hours of your working time, you will take a 10-15 minutes power nap. Don’t forget to set your alarm also.

Take a small break

Aside from taking a power nap, you must take a short break. Working for long hours will cause back pain and stress. During your break, you can do quick stretching, breathe some fresh air, or chill.

Watch your diet

As much as possible, prepare healthy foods. You can prepare your foods before your shift starts. You should create a list of your food every day so that it will be easier for you. Eating healthy foods is essential, whether you are a night or day shift. Also, keep hydrated, achieve 8-10 or more glass every day. In this way, it can remove all the caffeine you drank.

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