Tips to eliminate backpain while working from home

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Whether you are in the corporate or virtual world, many employees and freelancers suffer back pain due to a very long period of sitting, improper posture, chair, etc. So, what are the tips to eliminate backpain while working from home?

1. Set up your workspace

Some of the freelancers and to those who are working from home due to pandemic don’t have any workspace. Some of them are working on the sofa, bedroom, dining, or regular table, or chair. That’s the one the reason you got back pain because of improper setup. When you are working on the sofa, it will give pressure on your neck and shoulder blade, and then you will get back pain.

2. Proper posture

When you are working, don’t slouch, sit properly. Put your feet on the floor and adjust your laptop or personal computer to make you comfortable. You can also try to stand for a laptop. It’s also useful when you are reading. It will take you to maintain proper posture.

3. Stretching

You are working for a long period of time and without any movement that you make. To eliminate back pain, you can have quick stretching just for 1-2 minutes for every 1 hour of your working time. Stand up, stretch your arms and neck.

4. Sit back on your chair

There are many proper chairs for working from home, but some are a bit expensive. You can use your regular chair as long it will support your back. Experts suggest that you can use a cushion or rolled-up towel and put it to your lower back to support. Don’t hunch forward in your chair.

5. Exercise daily

Make a habit of taking exercise daily. Wake up early and have a quick workout for 15 minutes before start working. One of the best way not just to eliminate back pain but also the stress.

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