Tips to gain more clients

In the world of virtual, there’s a lot of competition and in order to make your business or your work be successful, you must have the best strategy to gain more clients. More clients are equal to more sales. So here are the things that we can recommend to gain more clients.

1. Build your portfolio

In order to get new clients, you must show them your skills and services. Give them guts that your skills, experiences, and services will help their business. If you have your portfolio, it has a great advantage among all the freelancers. Remember, competition is always there. You must put your best shots in your portfolio. But, where can you share your portfolio that is totally free? Here are the top 5 applications for you to use:

  • Behance

  • Carbonade

  • Shown’d

  • deviantART

  • PortfolioBox

  • Crevado Portfolio

  • Portfoliopen

2. Build your LinkedIn profile

When you are an employer, entrepreneur, freelancer and etc, you must also have a LinkedIn profile. Why? Simply because the LinkedIn platform has billion users composed of different businesses, services, etc. So if you are thinking about where to get new clients, well, LinkedIn is here for you. You must grow your network also. Here’s the link to gain more connections on LinkedIn.

3. Leverage freelance jobs boards to find new clients

One way to find the new client is to get through online jobs platforms like

  • Upwork

  • Fiverr

  • GURU

  • Toptal

  • SimplyHired

  • Crowded

4. Get involved in Social Media

Social Media is a great platform to get new clients. Create creative content to attract your potential clients, target your audience properly, and etc. You can create Facebook and Instagram ads also.

5. Referrals

When you have a client, it has a huge possibility that your client will refer you to another potential client and that is what we call referral. Also, you can ask your co-freelancer friends about your services and skills so they can refer you too and vise versa.

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