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The business landscape has significantly evolved through the years as more entrepreneurs, professionals, and teams have shifted to virtual solutions for many of their business functions. This has resulted in increased productivity, work-life balance, and overall cost reduction.


Your Virtual Sidekick is a Philippine-based outsourcing company specializing in matching clients’ needs to one or more of our professional Virtual Assistants.


We ensure our clients are getting the assistance they need to get the job done so they can focus on growing their business and brand.


With us - you can do what you do best and our sidekicks will take care of the rest!



Barbara Carubio

Barbara is the CEO and founder of Your Virtual Sidekick and has been in the industry for more than 7 years.

She highly believes in hiring people who have good work ethic than people who is experienced but has poor integrity.

Barbara collects books.
She is an avid coffee lover and café hopper.

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Sherika Ann Calderon

Sherika is Your Virtual Sidekick's VA Manager and has been enjoying client relations for more than a decade.

Whenever she starts her day, she reminds herself that "Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get".

Sherika is an aggressive leader but keeps the balance intact.

She also cooks sumptuous meals for anyone, well at least in her dreams.

Christian Jira Latagan


John Christian


Jira is one of the video editors of YVS and he started his freelancing journey in 2020.


He likes people who are team players, happy to work with, easy to vibe with, and people who are not hesitant to ask for help, because no man is an island.


He really loves editing videos, it gives him satisfaction every time he finished it. He also loves coffee and he is a streamer/gamer.

Claudette Algoso


Claudette Algoso

Claudette is the newest member of the Media Team and has been in the company for almost a year now.

She is organized and thinks that taking a break is just as important as working hard.

She's an architecture graduate but made the switch to social media after working for her cousin.

Coffee is like water to her as she doesn't feel any effects, she just likes the flavor.

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Krystel Amandoron

Krystel is a virtual assistant in Your Virtual Sidekick since July of this year.

She believes that you don't need to have all the answers to start, you just have to be willing to take the first step.

Krystel loves spending her weekends away from the city.
She enjoys watching reality TV shows.



Lester Dan

Lester Dan is a VA under YVS and has been in the industry for 9 years now(Web Design/Dev).

He loves his work specially providing clients a customer/client-centric approach in producing outputs or rendering services. Either Designs, Dev or Tech related. 

Lester is an Avid Gamer since he was kid. In his free time, he loves to cook and spend time with the family.

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Carla Joy

Carla Joy, who's fondly called "CJoy" by her family and friends is our Human Resource Officer.


She works in a government office before joining YVS.She is a people person who is also an active Mental Health advocate.Cjoy is a beach bum who loves coffee.


Loves cats and owned a Siamese cat, named Madonna.




Hanna Regis

Hanna is the Media Team Lead of Your Virtual Sidekick and has been working with them since 2019.

She believes in the importance of creative expression.

Hanna loves photography and organizing stuff. She is also an animal and milktea lo

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Beverly Verano

Bev is the Tech Team Lead of Your Virtual Sidekick and has been in the industry for 2 years.

She stands firmly on the quote saying, respect is not imposed or begged, it is earned.
She loves watching Korean dramas/series.

She loves swimming.



Shashi Kant

Shashi has been in the industry for quite a while now and is a part of the YVS fam for 2 years and counting.


A master full stack web developer on the rise.

He enjoys  to travel and    loves his family very much.



Shane de la Cruz

Shane is a virtual assistant of Your Virtual Sidekick for almost a year already.

She is very much inclined towards an organized and systematic method of work ethic to be more effective in accomplishing tasks.

A Sidekicker slaying on weekdays and a law-student hustling on weekends.

Coffee has been a staple of hers as well as endless F.R.I.E.N.D.S references - always living for Chandler Bing's humor!

Archer Calderon


Archer Calderon

Archer is a Virtual Assistant for more than 2 years.As an assistant he never complains, he just works harder.

Archer is the silent type but very easy to get along with.

He can sing to the top of his lungs in front of everyone but most of the time to his loved one.



Emmanuel Boniao

Emmanuel was a customer sales representative for a couple of years before joining YVS as a virtual assistant.

He believes that having a positive mindset makes the workload light and simple.

Emmanuel is a tattoo artist and loves to concoct a meal from scratch.

He is a gym goer and during the weekends he spends most of his time unwinding with his fur babies, Roco and Maya.




Louise Bea de la Cerna

Louise is the Team Lead of VAs and has been in the company for over a year.

She believes in work/life balance but is always ready to answer any calls/messages ASAP.

Louise loves history, most especially British History and World War II History. She is an avid moviegoer (or Netflix watcher) and loves to drive around the city with her family.



Elisse Felisilda

Elisse is an Administrative Officer at Your Virtual Sidekick and is fairly new in the company.

She believes discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.

Enjoys long drives on weekends.
Her current hobby and passion are tracking her packages.

Joel Penaranda


Joel Peñaranda

Joel is part of the YVS Media Team and has been in the motion graphic industry for 4 years.

He highly believes that continuous learning and cultivating your own skills are integral parts of being successful.

Joel likes to write about what he learns and turn it into a vlog.

He desires to visit The Bahamas one day.

Jackie Sarabosing


Jackie Sarabosing

Jackie is the Virtual Assistant of Your Virtual Sidekick.

She believes that through hard work blended with passion, anything can be achieved.

Jackie loves to play piano, it makes her mind at peace and relaxed.

She's an adventure seeker and negativity popper.



Princess Jaca

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Jhea Morados

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